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"Her smiling face made me happy. It didn't take me long to change my interpretation of their looks to represent happiness. Instead of just jumping in ...s Chris must have done, when she went through two girls in only a few minutes, I planned on taking my time.She lay on her side facing me, as I took her small hand and slowly kissed each of her fingers. When finished, I sucked each into my mouth, running my tongue along the length. When the fingers were done, I started on the rest of the hand, and. I refused to stay there. She compiled me that that a room which she staying with her 2 friends, they were gone to their native.Finally I agreed to stay & entering her room in the same time i called my dad & said that I won’t come tonight to home. I find the bed in 1 room and lied over there. She gave me a towel to dry my hair and said no need & leave me to sleep. She not leaved me, she made me got up & started drying my hair. I am sitting in bed, she standing front of me. I can see her curves. I was in the corner and Barbra infront of me, a man came and we had to puch back, I was stuck in the corner and Barbra no were to go was squishing me. Her ass were pressing up to my penis, I began to get hard, another person came in know she pushed harder, then I was completely rock solid. Her ass pressed against my dick it felt nice, I started to move back and foreword slowly, if she asked me what I was doing I would blam the elevator. Barbra began to move,i still continued what I was doing. "He makes a good point" Danielle said, and everyone laughed. "I guess we're all going to have to find something pretty soon, huh?" I said. "We're going to have to pay this place off, and Melanie has already been a life saver. Hopefully, there are some other opportunities not far from here."The four of us had decided to start things pretty low key. With money clearly going to be a priority, we resisted temptations to go out often, check out sporting events or shows, or buy overly expensive.

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