Very hirsute dykes having fun

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Pulling my head back a little I slid my mouth up and then back down a little further. I could tell he was enjoying this by his soft moans and I make him cum. I took as much as I could into my mouth each time until I felt it hit my throat. I had read that if I relaxed my throat I might be able to take it all so I kept pushing until I could feel his balls on my chin. My god, I had done it and he was loving it. I felt him gently pull me up and he kissed me hard again. ‘Are you sure you. Gesturing down the hallway, he said, "Get into the safe room."Colt turned to Rock and asked, "What's happening?" I'm not sure. William says that trouble is coming," Rock answered while handing out the headsets that would allow them to communicate."Did a bird tell him that?" Colt asked while putting on the headset. He turned it on."Not this time," Natalie answered while putting on her headset. She adjusted it so that it wasn't tangled in her hair.William said, "Do you remember that rumor that I. You're not allowed." Grant nodded and remained on the sofa where we sat watching movies. His right foot began to bounce. "I need to pee." Again I denied him that right. I knew what he was doing. He was fully aware of my love for being in control and how much desperation turned me on. We had discussed once how I really wanted to see someone do that in person, to have that sort of control over someone. I'd seen the various videos of the girls so desperate to go and wetting themselves. I. My clit was throbbing behind the dildo. I reached out and untied the drawstring on his sweat pants, letting them fall to the floor. As usual, he wasn't wearing any underwear and he already had a full erection. Instinct took over. I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around, bent him over the counter and gave his ass a playful slap. I think he said something or let out a surprised grunt. I wasn't really listening as I was busy reaching for the plate of butter on the counter. Then I was.

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Very Hirsute Dykes Having Fun

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