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She can hear me breathing too, my head bowed over her, my hand steadily held against her thigh only inches away from her labia. She opens her mouth to...beg my forgiveness when she hears a long held breath come gushing out of me. My fingers made little slippery circles against her thigh and she suddenly realized I had found the wetness of her pussy that has run down her thigh. " Strip," I ordered and Jennifer jumped to her feet. She reached to the zipper on the back of her dress and stopped. ". I still didn't respond."She is gone, totally drunk!" I heard the other guy.Then he touched my crotch: "I always thought she may have a red pussy and I was right, look!"He pulled my pubic hair, quite hard and his finger slid inside, with his thumb rubbing my clit. I heard him laughing: "I bet she wouldn't know if we would fuck her!" She would wake up and it would be a trouble!" Well, try it, she won't get up, she is gone!"He laughed again: "Look, she is totally limp!" and lifted my legs and put. "Is it ok?" Mm-hmm," she said hurriedly, never taking her eyes off me. Her mouth opened with mine as I extended my tongue once again, this time laying it flat on her skin like I was licking a popsicle. I followed the base of her opening up into the soft flesh between the ridges, held open by my fingers. My tongue filled the crevice in, dragging along the inner pinkness. A strong flavor came out from there. Up I licked, until I was rolling over the little button at the top. She let out a long. I pulled down her bra and began to suck her tits as hard as I could. One then the other, back to the first one to lick them around the nipple. If I wasn't getting any head I was gonna make her wish she had given me some. I put her against the stone wall opposite the tennis court fence and doubled down on her titties. She moaned then grabbed my hoodie bringing it over my head, pushing it into her chest, then let go and dropped her pants quicker than the first time "God i'm so horny right now!".

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Teen Sister Sex/

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