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At night she does whatever you tell her to - you two were high school sweethearts, and over the years your dominating personality has taken over the r...lationship, and Laura is too shy and meek to ever resist. You grab Laura by the hair and push her face into your sweaty balls. You thrust forward and slap your nutsack against her lips. She's on her knees in front of you, you seated on the couch watching TV. A pretty typical night. Laura tongues your balls slavishly, desperately trying to please. No matter, the end result was the same, my powerful hips had buried my cock balls deep in her and now she was going to get fucked. She was really tight at first, the first thirty or forty strokes from my dick meeting some resistance but gradually she began to loosen up and I was soon gliding fairly easily in and out of her. She had the most magnificent boobs, I was so distracted by squeezing and pulling at them, twisting her nipples hard that I almost didn’t notice her cumming again, I just. They also determined cleaning and cooking rosters around those who had specific maintenance tasks that must be done and physical conditioning classes for everyone since Dusty considered it important for them all. This still left most of them with a lot of time to do whatever they wanted like, study magic and have sex. Dusty and James said they would hold magic classes as well, so the different disciplines each got covered.Since James and Pat had scored dinner, they decided to investigate the. She slowly began to play with herself as Mike watched on from the front of the bed. Mike was speechless as Katie began to finger her wet pussy. Her body slowly began to move about the bed as she was in the mist of making herself cum. It had been a few minutes later and now Katie had two fingers lodged inside her pussy while her other hand squeezed each of her big tits. She was now close to orgasm as her body squirmed even more about the bed.A few seconds later she arched her butt off the bed as.

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