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Wiping herself and flushing the toilet she noticed that someone had left something on the shelf during the night. She must have been sl**ping more sou...dly than she realized because she was sure that it wasn’t there yesterday. Approaching the shelf she saw that a pile of fabric sat on the shelf. She picked it up carefully. Normally the only things the shelf were used for was to hold her empty food trays and the occasionaly equipment that someone would bring in to use on her. She unfolded the. I would pull all the clothing around me while dressed up and smell, lick and suck on deferent women’s panties and bras while jerking off, I even had pictures of the women whose clothing I had taken, that made it even better. Then one day I must have been in a hurry to get started and forgot to lock the door, because while I was in the middle of a extremity hot session, the door opened wide. There I was, with my wig on, the front of my dress pulled up my dick sticking out the cut slit in my. Din issi ratha chaltay rahay but mere feelings strong ho rahi thee was very hard to controle aik din subha main gayee uss ko nashtay ka kehnay to daikha his door was open and he was not in his bed room ,on his bed there was his underwear i took in my hand or nakk kay qareeb laa ka soongha ,woowww what anice smell main uss kay underwear ko honton per ragartee rahi i was feeling wet in my legs then i heard water sounds and went slowly to bath room and was shocked i saw him fully naked playing. I had never seen her topless before. She just stood there smiling at me for quite a while before she said, “You better hide that thing before you scare the salesgirls.”I looked down, turned, and adjusted my cock in my pants to try and conceal it.Tabatha came out saying that she hadn’t quite outgrown her old size yet and then she picked out two pair of matching panties to go with her new bra. They were thongs of course. As we were about to leave the store Tabatha spotted some very sexy neglig?,.

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Step Sister/

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