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I knelt up, pushing a finger deep inside her, giving a few strokes before withdrawing and tasting it. I smelled it her again, a deep pungent aroma stronger than before. I plunged and pulled again. And this time I leaned over her to touch it to her lips. As I did I felt the tip of my penis touch her pubis. It felt good. Keeping contact with her soft skin I trailed downward until I touched my penis tip to her teenage clit. It felt so wrong. It felt so right. My precum coated her bud. As you continue I can feel my first orgasm just rip right through me with no warning at all. I drench your face with my cum and just keep on Cumming not stopping at all. Neither of us can wait any longer and you fall right on top of me. With your cock lying right on my cunt slowly your hips move, but not inside of me just sliding your dick through my slick wet folds hard and fast. I start to wrap my legs around your waist again but you stop me and move back onto your knees one on either side of. I must admit she,d surprised me that on only our second date she,d shown me to a “news cinema” which no longer exists. I had no idea what she had in mind, but loved the fact there were few people there, we found seats toward the back with little lighting to give us a fair deal of privacy though the cigarette smoke was thick. Sarah was a hot bird with long passionate kisses and soon my cock was standing proud straining my trousers to be released and she was rubbing it to make it even stiffer.. But seriously, I don’t plan on doing anything about it. I just noticed that the hole was blocked and knew you were the only guy in the bathroom… honestly I liked it!” Michael stared at her for a minute, rubbing the back of his neck embarrassedly. Now his manhood was straining, desperately trying to get free of his shorts and present itself to the tiny little freshman. She was adorable. That was the only word Michael felt comfortable using about a freshman student. Compared to his six foot.

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