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"I felt my face heat up. "She's important to me," I said.Coach Durant shook his head. "Well, it's your funeral. Just remember that your teammates migh... become a bit jealous and if they do some might take it out on you in practice." Such is life," I said with a shrug as Jason and I found our assigned lockers and began changing for practice. The other members of the team were also throwing material into lockers. We could hear coaches calling for the team to get on the field quickly as there was a. When she arrived, I wasn’t 100% sure if she would workout. This concern was rooted mainly in the baggage Ihad from the previous temps that had not worked out. Tobe honest, when I saw she was black, I somewhatanticipated the “attitude” I had found in two of theother temps that were also black. Not to say I washappy with the two temps that arrived that werewhite… one was only interested in texting her friendsand the other was more worried about her hair andmakeup than. But can we get a hug from Naomi? Shes been such a good friend since she got here. Sure thing, Kaitlyn. Naomi said as she embraced her. Lexy seemed disappointed to be left out, so she crossed her arms until our guest picked her up and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Bye, guys. Thanks for the dinner, Mrs. Westwood, it was truly wonderful. Youre more than welcome, my dear, drop by anytime you like! Youre always welcome in our household. Mum furnished one of her warm and sincere smiles. As they. I heard more than one girl tell Suzie how cool her dad was to give her such a great party. Her new friends had no idea of the years of neglect that made this party so special in Suzie's mind.Finally, the party wound down to family and the 20 girls that were going to stay for the slumber party. It was supposed to be 22 but one girl was evidently coming down with the flu or something and another girl took that evening to start her first period, and was too embarrassed to stay over with the other.

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Solo Female/

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