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She eagerly found where I had squirted on myself, cleaning me up with great care. Overwhelmed by what had just happened, I stroked her fur lovingly. "...kay, I've missed you too, I admit it", I told her. To hell with what society thought was "taboo"... that had been the best "oral sex" I'd ever had! I decide I had been wrong to put the brakes on our "relationship". Stormy loved and trusted me, and who was I to say that we shouldn't take mutual pleasure in one another?For the next few nights, we. "It's the Creature from the Black Lagoon!" cried Joseph, trying hard not to laugh at the apparition before him."I've got it!!!" Is it communicable?" Paul enquired politely."No, I've managed to get it!!" I think you should have thrown it back..." offered Jean-Pierre, picking some seaweed from her locks."It's that problem I was having with my thesis. Let me explain, Jennifer, can you hand me some paper and a pencil..." No you CANNOT sit here, you're filthy and streaming with wet and you don't. Then I will rage and ram and butt until I gather force to pluck the fleshly weed And cause a fire to bloom among your moss And plow your garden with my liquid seed. Jackie waited until I was asleep to call me, but a very nervous voice on my answering machine said "Yes! Yes! Yes!" On Friday when I reached home to change and bathe before meeting Jackie there was am emvelope under the door with the door to Jackie's apartment in it - and this: . I was on cloud 9. She made few strokes and then took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it slowly like a lollipop. She licked my balls and kissed the tip of my dick too. She then took the whole thing in her mouth and she sucked it passionately. She gave an amazing blowjob. I was fully satisfied and was about to reach climax but before I could ask her anything that where should I spray my cum, I exploded and sprayed my cum inside her mouth. Her mouth was full with my cum and some spilled.

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