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Once undressed she looked at me from the bed as I stood in front of her with my cock super hard. She smiled as she looked upon as she lay naked on my...bed. I knew that she wanted it and I approached. As I got near she took a hold of my super hard cock and she guided it to her mouth. I was standing next to the bed and she was on her hands and knees, sucking my hard cock. She really knew how to suck and her tongue around my cock was awesome.To stop myself from getting too excited I withdrew. They recently sold the business and I haven't found anyone who treats my car the same way and it hasn't been into the shop for at least 6 months.It was a beautiful day and I didn't have to work. I had only plans to go to dinner with my friends at 7pm. I decided to take a drive around the lake,the long way, enjoy the scenery and the weather. So I dressed in comfortable clothes, keeping in mind I wanted to take advantage of the sun and get a tan while driving around. I wore a short skirt that. .”“Your name?” he finished for me. “Oh Miss Smathers I know lots about you, where you live, who your friends are. I know that your parents are in New Orleans fucking their brains out because it turns them on that their daughter is a slut who fucks black boys. I know you’re pregnant.” After he said that he leaned down and kissed me. “I know you went to that porn video place over on West Third Street. He shoved me and I swung in an arc and when I returned to him he swatted me hard on my exposed. "Want some of this big black cock, teach?" Without a word I reached up and undid his button, unzipped his zipper, and let his pants drop to the ground. His cock was straining against his boxers. I pulled those down, and his heavy, black, 10" dick snapped up to attention, almost hitting me in the face. I moaned with excitement."Lick it, teach. Wrap your pretty pink lips around my hard cock." I looked up at him and stuck my tongue out tentatively. I flicked my tongue along the end of it where.

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Outdoor Sex/

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