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He had access to all the units but always rang the doorbell first to make sure the unit was empty before entering. The first few were empty and he wa... doing well getting the A/C running again. When he went to Room 204, he rung the doorbell and the door opened. A beautiful girl opened the door and Billy's jaw dropped as he stared at her standing in her bra and panties. She had blonde hair, tan skin and was absolutely gorgeous. Billy finally regained his senses and told her he was there to. Her pussy was already wet, but oh, it was very, very, very tight. She was very slow, gentle, and careful when she lowered herself onto my cock, taking it slowly inside her tight pussy. She gasped when she had it all in and I felt like I was in heaven. She started to ride slowly and it was then that I realized she had quite fantastic boobs. I started to caress them with both hands while she started to ride me faster.Thanks to her oral skills and incredibly tight pussy, I couldn't take it very. My tool was totally inside her fucking hole. To my surprise she was not bleeding. (please tell me @ if she was not bleeding, was she virgin or telling me lie). She was moaning loud and i was fucking hard. I was in heaven. I started fast moves. I cum inside her cunt and she was also exhausted. Now the drama begin, She started crying the I had taken her virginity. I promised her that she is my wife and I will definitely marry her.We were naked till now laying on bed. I consoled her and kissed. After, when I told her I wasn't going to make that decision then, she asked me if I'd fuck her if she was in my bedroom instead of on the phone a thousand miles away. I told her I'd have to go talk to you before I made that decision." Is she in your bedroom now? Is that why you're looking so serious?" She's in South Carolina. As far as I know, she's going to stay there." Do you know what you'd decide, if she was here?" I know it would be a tough decision. I'd rather not have to make it before.

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Office Sex/

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