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"Oop!" Kayly gasped. "Sorry. I'm in your way." She said, standing up.Surely she couldn't have mistaken that for an accident right? Either she was a cucumber or completely oblivious. Either way she charged on, unperturbed. "Now while I've got you here. . ." she said, opening the top desk drawer. "I need to do a few other things. . ."She walked me through her list and I walked her through the steps. All the while a parade of smut passing before my eyes on the screen. Every now and then. This is the first time im writing my exp.. Plz forgive my typos n mistakes in grammar.It all started like 6 years back when I was doing my masters and I met this gal, through orkut, not so hot n sexy but on a flumpy side n yes u would definitely like the masses ;) We both were friends n casually started to hangout together..Roam a lot n started with naughty talk’s n jokes. we used to talk a lot and when we had something in common tat day she used to say same pinch. I was like ouch it. From somewhere, from a long time ago. Searching desperately, her mind came up empty. Suddenly his eyes looked directly into hers. It was a horrible look, full of malevolent glee. A humorless dry smile creased his thin lips, more of a sneer. Somehow, she felt even colder."Well, well, well." He breathed in a spite filled whisper, "Always nice to meet a body from the home town."He knew her! But from where?His low hiss continued, "What's it been? 15 years or so? Why I'll bet you wouldn't even know. I stroked the length of your shaft with one hand, letting the other run over your balls, gently squeezing, as my tongue massaged what little of your cock it could manage. You strengthened your grip on my hair as your cock began to shudder. We couldn’t have that. I let you slide out of my mouth as you groaned impatiently and met my eyes once again. I slid down off my perch on the boulder and hitched my dress up around my waist, turning my back to you. Understanding immediately what I wanted, you.

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