My sister/

I feel her fingers slide into my wet pussy and my body quivers with desire. She works her fingers in and out of me, moving faster and harder until I f...el orgasm rock my body. I gasp for air for a moment and then her mouth claims mine once more. He is standing there, eyes wide and bright with arousal. His long, hard cock is standing ready but neglected, though he has yet to protest this lack of attention. She looks at him and then at me, and whispers in my ear, "Only if you want to..." I. And below the bra was an absolutely flat belly. Her belly button was deep and long and looked like a small pussy.I started to kiss her back. Her shoulder blades stuck out like 2 knives. I spent the next 10 minutes licking and kissing every inch of her back. I looked back into the mirror and found that one hand of hers was squeezing a boob while the other was rubbing her pussy. She was about to explode. I released the hook on the back of her skirt and unzipped it. It too fell down showing me. Mere bhaiya business man hai 3 saal phle ki baat hai jb mere bhaiya ki shaadi hui bhabhi bhut hi sunder thi wo gori thi aur height lagbhag 5′ 5″ ki hongi us waqt mujhe bhabhi utni sexy nhi lagti thi aur naHi main unhe us nazar se dekhta tha 2 mahine baad wo pregnant hui uske kuch dino baad maine dekha ki unki body sexy hota jaa rha tha unki gaand failti jaa rhi thi aur boobs bade hote jaa rhe the tb se mere dil pe wo raaj karne lagi main hamesha unhe gande nazar se dekhta tha ek din sham me wo. He closed his eyes. It was Charmaine’s naked, tanned body that was writhing underneath him. It was Charmaine’s beautiful breasts that were bouncing up and down every time he slid inside her. It was Charmaine’s tight pussy that was stretching around his thick penis. Suddenly, he couldn’t STOP cumming! He almost shot his wad right through the condom! He was moaning, cock spasming violently inside this woman. * * * * * * Charmaine rarely visited Holly anymore. Not so much because she felt guilty.

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My Sister/

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