Mutual masturbation/

My orgasm hit and I went into spasms of pleasure, humping against her thigh and moaning in ecstasy. Slowly I came down from my orgasm, my breathing almost to normal. Shauna cuddled me as we lay side by side. I spoke for the first time since we had come to our room. “Shauna, that was wonderful. Thank you.” And after a pause during which I made a decision, I added, “I would like to do something for you now. I am so hot I could burst. Please show me how to please you.”She smiled,. She let out a sigh. Since she didn't stop me I began to kiss and lick all over her foot. Sucking on the heel and balls of her foot and then kissing each toe. Judy began to stir more in her seat. When I began sucking on her toes, she cupped her breast and began to let out soft moans. I massaged her feet and continued sucking on her toes. With each second she became more visibly aroused. I'm not sure if the thought of being caught or sucking on her toes watching her get aroused was more of a turn. “Does this house belong to your family?” Shouldering into the jacket, I crossed the room to peer out the window. Nothing was visible but a portion of the driveway beyond the rise of the veranda. The Firebird was gone. “Of course it does!” she snapped, dumping several handsful of potatoes into a skillet along with a chunk of dubious fat from a tin can. “It belongs to Daddy! ‘Taker just comes here and commandeers the place whenever he likes and sleeps in our beds and eats our food and sends us on. "That's when you start acting all suspicious..." And that's when I start asking her questions about what she's doing here and what's she's got in her bag or whatever." Jensen groaned. They had gone over it so many times 'till he was sick of it. He knew what was expected of him and was more than prepared to play his part.Nelson watched him thoughtfully before allowing himself to visibly relax. Everything would be just fine so long as there were no major surprises, and he just couldn't think of.

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Mutual Masturbation/

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