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She hit my sphincter and looked at me. “This might hurt a little but I promise to be gentle.” I smiled at her. “I know you will, my love.” She...pushed harder until my ass loosened up and let her in. I gave a sharp intake of breath as the initial pain set in. She held her cock in there for a few minutes letting me get used to it. The pain subsided quickly and the pleasure began to rise. I groaned a little and Jo leaned over and began to kiss me as she began to slowly fuck me. I really began to. What would you like?"Stan asked for a scotch, but asked for a glass of water too. Anne was now in the kitchen, fixing things."Glenmorangie?" she called, and Stan replied, "That'll be fine, Anne!" It was a perfectly serviceable single malt, after all.She came back into the room with a glass of water in one hand and a shot glass containing amber fluid in the other. "Here you are, Stan. I'll just get my wine and we can... 'get comfortable'." Her eyes danced, and there was a challenge in the lift. "I did everything I knew how and she seemed to like what I was doing; some of the time, she lay there pretty still with her eyes closed, just seeming to enjoy our lovemaking. Other times, she was looking at me, moving her hips around, moaning, even thrusting back at me as I went in and out."Oh, Ray, you're good at fucking, Ray. You're a natural. Not every man is. Mmm."She's wiggling her hips around which did add something. The feeling was great. I still couldn't believe I'm doing this,. Stand up, NOW.”She stood up biting her bottom lip… she had missed him!“Since you have been doing nothing, you won’t mind if I inspect your panties then will you?”She shook her head, knowing that he would soon find out what his dirty little girl had been doing. He made her pull up her skirt and hold it underneath her armpits, then lie down on the floor whilst spreading her legs open. He pulled her panties up towards her ankles and took them off her. He examined the filthy, gooey crotch of her.

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Mumbai Sex/

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