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She reached under her dress with one hand, then took my hand with her other and pulled it between her thighs. I extended my fingers out until I touche... a very hot and very wet pussy.“See, I told you.” she whispered, in a deeper tone than normal.I extended the middle finger of my right hand and quickly found her clit. I slid one finger deep inside her, pulling out her slick juice and coated her clit with it. Once I had her clit wet I began to rub her clit in small, quick circles. Jen slightly. We slept this way after talking for a few minutes about all the fun we’ve had in the past weeks.I had wanted to stop in Oklahoma City, just so we could visit The Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum. While the others were getting dressed the next morning, I called information and got the number. All I got was a recording about the hours. They were only open from 10:00 to 5:00 and I knew that would cost us another day. I grabbed a laptop looked up the mileage from San Antonio to Miami on Google. I could feel my dick was completely stuffed inside her mouth as it touched.She was making slight noises that come when out something was being sucked. She was enjoying sucking it. I held and arranged her hair to one side so that it wouldn’t come in between as a disturbance when sucking. With my left hand, I was rubbing her bareback. I tried reaching my hand till her ass.I pressed her both butts once and spanked both her butts. She moaned slightly for that. I was massaging her boobs one by one. . so she said it...Dee puts the blindfold on my GF and takes off her tshirt and removes her own. turns around my GF onto her back, breasts pointing up, Dee starts to kiss her massive erect nipples and pushing through the massage oils deep into her breasts.I take off my shirt and trousers after watchng my GF getting teased to breaking point. I start to kiss my girlfriend passionately and tell her everything that is happening she she can imagine it... I pull off Dee underwear, i tell my GF this,.

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Loving Sex/

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