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She liked that I was aroused. She lifted my skirt and plunged her head into the V with her mouth open, the soft warmth of her lips satisfying both her...hunger and mine. It was only the fourth time, but her touch already felt like home."You're so beautiful down here," she said. It made my heart bounce. I told myself it was just touch between friends and didn't mean anything else. But, feelings were growing inside me for her. I touched her hair while she ate me, caressing it gently. She had not. “Nothing is wrong,” I reply, still delivering long, slow strokes. “Then why are you slowing down?” she huffs her impatience. “Because,” I say. I didn’t know how to tell her without sounding desperate. “Because of what, Max?” She groans as I slowly rub her cliterous while penetrating her slowly. Her body spasms and she moans. “God, you are beautiful,” I say. She says something unintelligible and I continue to rub her cliterous. “I want you to fuck me hard and fast Max. Not slow,” she. " Nothing wrong with your bust," I praised."Yeah, in the right place and that's not in front of a lot of leering men," she said. "How about this one?" she asked holding up yet another dress.In the end, she settled for a simple button-up design which I like as I can undo the buttons and get at her tits."No bra though," I said forcefully."Yeah, ok," she agreed giggling sexily."Right, let's have a look," I said as she posed for me"Fucking perfect," I whistled, "just one more thing."I stepped. My hands were playing with his balls and he was also enjoying this with his closed eyes. I took it out and grip it in my palms. It was fully in my palms like a rat. I rubbed it on my boobs and a good feeling.His soft cock on my soft boobs I took it again in my mouth and it has started to become big again. Length of his cock was increasing and I could not keep it fully in my mouth within any time, it was again in fully erect position ready for another sex game. I experienced two orgasms in his.

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Indian Wife/

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