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“Well,” Danielle starts, while still slowly riding you. “I got turned on by you putting your fingers in my ass. So after you made me cum, I only...wanted more.” You moan softly as Danielle changes the angle by leaning forward, her hands now on your chest. “I wanted this in me,” she explains as she squeezes her pussy muscles around your cock. “But when I returned from the bathroom, you were asleep. I thought I would give you some rest so you could fuck my brains out, but I couldn’t wait any. Forgive me master, he thought silently to himself.That was the closest he had come to doing something that was the total antithesis of his training and upbringing. Yet never had something filled him with such vile disgust as what he had just witnessed. It represented the worst of Narlassi culture. It was the worst of the Overlord system of slavery.If he had had any doubts about his ultimate task now, this had dispelled them. He understood now. First the Urisi had devolved, and now the. Marco went at it with gusto. His head bobbed rapidly up and down Jake’s length. Sara’s breath came in short gasps. Sara slipped a finger between her legs and played with her pussy lips as she looked back and forth between them with glassy eyes. Marco slowly pulled back off of Jake. Sara watched his head glistening in the low light.“Can I?” Sara asked.She bent forward and sucked Jake’s cock slowly into her mouth as Amber continued to play with Sara’s tit. Sara moved a hand to play with Jake’s. I love you too Princess, he answered. He lowered his stiff manhood down to my opening and I knew that all of my waiting was about to be rewarded. He rubbed it with his finger and spread the moisture coming from it around on himself and around my vagina, prying it apart just enough to get it all wet with my juices. Then I felt him slide his head up to and in the opening just enough to make my swollen lips engulf his rock hard manhood into their confines. I held my breath, waiting for him to.

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Indian Sex/

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