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. I also started masturbating watching bhabhi naked and smoking and rubbing her juicy pick pussy suddenly she came and her water fell on bed sheet and...i also came at the same time. .Then while finishing her cigarette she kept pressing her gorgeous boobs and was biting her own nipples .. Once she cooled down then she closed the tv but i think she then saw my shadow in the tv and quickly turned but i ran so she didnt see me.I came down and from down i called shafia name to come down and eat food. She was about 5.6, with very full breasts on a slim figure, accentuated by long legs and very high heels. She also wore a lot of eye make-up and had almost white blonde hair, so all in all she was a spectacular figure and I was very attracted to her. We danced for a while and it didn’t take me long to realise that she didn’t want to waste any more time on the dancefloor and that she had more interesting activities in mind. We’d hardly got back to my flat before she dropped to her knees,. Follow me.I willingly followed her to her bedroom and watched in amazement as she removed her housedress and bra keeping on her slip panties and heels. When she took off that bra her two red hot nipples were erect and I looked at them with passion.Mrs. H was up on the bed and patted a spot on the sheet motioning me to come on up, which I did."Jerry, I know you know what nipples look like but did you know there is a way to make them extra sensitive?" No I did not know that." Well grab my boob. I tell her you are doing fantastic joy. Its getting late anything else you would like in your portfolio she nods and smiles. Yes but ive never done this before. She reaches back and undoes her top and lets it fall and squeezing her amazing tits together she has some nice puffy nipples that are hard from the cold water. She lays down and gets so sensual rubbing her hands all over her body. Rolls over and pulls her bottoms up making them dig deep into her cheeks. So hows that she ask. I think we.

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Indian Old Couples/

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