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Olivia and Ella were cuddled up and enjoying giving a running commentary. Veronique made a somewhat impolite comment in reply in French.“Et tu, mon ...her.” both girls were quite competent French speakers and had acquired some of the dodgier vocabulary. Lazlo wandered in holding a magnum of German Riesling sekt, suitably chilled of course. “Whilst the Froggies are distracted have some of this they would be shocked to know that someone other than them makes good bubbly. Luc made some comment but. She should have been working."I got fired!" she says.I'm standing there looking at her and wondering what she did to ax her job. She says,"Well?" "Well what?" Aren't you going to give me a hug and say everything's gonna be fine?" I haven't seen much of you in the last three months. You avoid talking to me and NOW you want me to get all cozy with ya? fuhgeddit! So, what did you get fired for . . . embezzlement?" Fuck's zat s'posed ta mean?" Why don't you tell me, you seem pretty good at it!"She. Finally Kelsie paused for a moment, “Hey Danielle, why don’t you come over here and *hold her up* for me?” she said with a wink. Then, raising me up on her massive cock, she turned around and carried me over to Danielle on the bed. Danielle, who had turned into the most muscular of the three, stood up, wrapped and arm around my abdomen, pressed herself up against my back, and whispered in my ear, “Surprise. Asshole” and pushed her lubricated cock into my virgin ass. I screamed as I felt this. .. "Take off your clothes " you do so , willingly at that. You turn , seeing me approach out of the shadows wearing a black guinnee tee and black jeans, your naked feeling helpless , but your not scared you know it's ok , it's the rush of putting it in another'so will. With out saying a thing I take your hands and bind them in front of you with soft nylon bindings, then I lift you onto the bench and bind your feet at the ankles and knees. Laying you gently on the hard wooden bench I step back.

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Indian Horrny/

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