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Now I want to see you."I know I felt a little awkward for just a minute -- and I could tell from his expression that Andy did, too -- but then he laid...back on the pillows and I sat with my legs crossed, tailor-style, facing Sophie. We both began playing with our cocks. It was the first time I had a good look at his. It wasn't as long as mine, and it had a definite bend about halfway, but it was a little thicker. Mine is a good eight inches, and I think I had at least an inch more than Andy.We. Ally starts to lovely kiss the Log on its sides, and gradually moves tothe tip before taking the head into her mouth.Wow. It is so large that Ally can only take in the head and a few inchesof the wide shaft.Ally is now gently sucking on the head.Even though it is dark, Sara can somewhat see, and is fully aware of whatAlly is doing.But doing it voluntarily and with enthusiasm!"Ally, what in God's name are you doing?"Ally doesn't answer, as she is consumed with her "task" at hand.She is focus on. "Hello, you must be Robert." Bob. You can call me Bob, all my friends do." Ok then Bob it is. My name is..." Janis." He finished for her."Yup. Come on in mom is just about ready to leave."He went inside and Janis closed the door and disappeared. Robin came trotting down the stairs wearing a tight yellow sweater and a pair of Levi's that made her look hotter than he had ever seen her. The pants were so tight that he could actually see the outline of her panties and they weren't thongs.Robin. "Ready? ... Ready for what father?" Brenda asked. In reply a panel opened up and a tube was visible, inside the tube was, what appeared to be, a body, but when the tube opened it was revealed as a suit, apparently made for a woman. Brenda looked at it and then approached it. Genius took hold of her arm."Brenda please think. When you do this we may never see each other again." She said.Brenda gave a small smile, "If this is what I think it is then we will always be together, don't worry about me.

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Indian Hard/

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