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"Oh, nothing," the newly minted Selina Kyle sighed in defeat. "I was just thinking of what our future is going to be like." Blissful," Bruce promised... "You could even become my partner in crime fighting, since I get the impression that Robin is going to be hooked up with Batgirl from now on." That does seem to be the case, darling," Dick/Selina sighed, as he/she snuggled up to his/her man. Under the stimulation of Bruce's presence, the Dick Grayson in that lovely body was becoming no more. Amy joked about her PJs, complaining that Sam was covering all the vital areas and spoiling her view.Amy being her normal self, went to bed each day in the buff and made sure that she displayed herself for Sam to see. She padded across the room, opening one of the dresser drawers after another under the pretense of searching for something. She would stretch often when she saw Sam looking, showing off her lithe trim figure. At last, Sam would snort and roll over so that her back faced the naked. She was taking her hand from there whenever she noticed that I was looking at her. I just asked her out that if she was feeling uncomfortable and she said she was ok but after some time.She started to moan in low voice out of pain. I got a bit tensed and asked her if she was really fine. She finally told me that she was feeling her breasts getting heavy as she didn’t feed her baby that day. The breasts started to stimulate more milk and it was getting painful for her.At last, she finally. I also knew some how that I had been asl**p for days, not just hours. My body ached with stiffness, and for a second I was overcome with claustrophobia. But the bag suddenly jerked, and I realized I was being lowered, maybe I was being freed. My feet touched ground, and I felt the weight of the bag around me as I was lowered to a horizontal position on a cold floor. Then hands were tearing away the grey fabric, peeling it away from me, and I writhed like a larva trying to help. Finally my face.

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Indian Girl/

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