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It felt so tight, so warm and so wonderful he felt he was really going to cum this time but she controlled her thrusts, sliding gently up and down gazing into his eyes. He knew what she wanted and he pulled her on top of him, rolled over so she was underneath and pulled her legs up so her knees were locked into his elbows.He fucked her but varied his stroke rate, one long stroke, one short stroke, increasing his speed until eventually he was pounding her pussy hard. It seemed like an. He had a fleeting smile then shot forward to take her Queen which had moments before been protected. "In this game there is a punishment for losing this piece" He almost purred at her. She knew what was to come as she placed the Queen between her teeth and stood from the table. "There!" he instructed a spot on the floor off the left in this well appointed hotel room. She took the few small steps it was to the appointed spot. "Your dress!" his demanding voice continued. She meekly nodded and. He then gets out a riding crop and beats my ass until I make a squeaking sound.I guess satisfied with my good behavior he puts sharp metal biting clips on my nipples, weighting them with little heavy weights making my nipples hurt very badly and my tits hang down further than if there were no weights.I suppose after he looks me over admiring my hot little body, with the telltale tan lines from a string bikini top and bottom he had gotten hard again and with one deep thrust buries himself inside. “It’s either the worst day of my life or the best one. Or both all at once.”“It’s what you said you wanted.”I told him this quietly but firmly though in truth there was no sign of him reacting angrily.“Did you… enjoy watching?” I asked. “You’ve wanted to for a long time.”He laughed hollowly.“I don’t think enjoy is the right word.”“Okay then, was it all you wanted it to be?”Pete pushed back in his chair and swivelled towards me. Instinctively I knelt next to him, still holding his hand. Our.

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Indian Fuck/

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