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The challenge was to your father. He’s the leader of this pride and he is the one who has to fight,” Nancy said.“There isn’t any other way?”...Liz asked.“Not unless you’ve found a mate. He’s the only other one who can fight for you,” Amy said.“Uhm?” Alex said, raising his hand.“Alex, believe me I appreciate the thought but...” Liz trailed off.“Sex doesn’t equal mate. That makes a huge difference,” his mother said.“Besides, you haven’t been trained in any fighting. You have less of a chance to. Now you just startrubbing it baby and let out your juice. The more you let out your sissyjuice the more of a little girl you will become."I started running my hands over my pee pee thru the tights and withinseconds I was breathing heavy and feeling so sissified. Aunt Rachelgrabbed the sides of my tights and pulled them up even higher. I lovedthe way Aunt Rachel smelled and her pink nail polish. She had her kneesvery tightly together as I sat there on her. I could see her dainty feettippy toed. " She says as she rubs Joe's cock through his ever tightening jeans.Joe looked over at his father Steve only to see him looking on with an approving grin. "Oh mom that feels good." Lana smiles as her son becomes more responsive to her advance. She slowly unzips his fly and gasps in surprise as his thick young cock springs from his pants. "Oh my Joe, it is so damn big!" She exclaims with great excitement."It's all for you momma." Mmm good cause its what I been wanting all day long." Lana opens. You ask me to pull the cups down. Tenderly, I pull down your swimsuit over your breasts. They wobble slightly as they spring free and take their usual shape, and my breathe catches in my wind-pipe as I gaze at your little mounds, paler than the rest of your skin, surrounded by faint tan lines like contour lines on a map. Your slightly darker nipples look very large. The sun is shining on them, giving every little dimple of your areola its own tiny shadow. Your thighs are pressed together and I.

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Indian Desi/

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