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Since I had admitted to wanting another woman I had to agree to accepting her having another man. I would tease her about being fucked by a long black...crooked cock which made her smile.One night she suggested that we try other people and when I agreed she said she wanted to go first and I agreed. We decided to try her luck at a local hotel bar and we went on a Thursday night. She at the bar and it was not long before a man sat beside her and got her a drink and soon they went to his room. I. I took a quick shower to get the dirt off, and dressed in a flowing cotton skirt and tank top with just a bra and that was one that I knew I could get off easily. I was so excited walking to his door that I was already getting wet.The guys started talking generally when we got there, but I was a little excited with my plan to open the door to talking about the possibility with all three of us. I figured a little ground work today and by the time the toys arrived I would have them both ready for. I felt titillated once again and my pussy got very wet. “Oh yes, get that pussy as wet as you can,” John said. “But you are the one making me wet my love,” I replied as I leaned down and kissed him. Then he put his hands on my pussy. He rubbed it and tried to wipe it clean as best he could. Then he licked my juices off his hand. “Now that is sexy my man,” I said. “Why don't you taste it off my lips now?” John asked. Then I leaned down and kissed him. I tasted all my juices off his lips. “That's. Yeah, an old movie, it was a closeup and pretty hot stuff.So, I'm taking careful note of what their lips are doing, how they line-up, is there any tongue going on, when I felt a touch on my shoulder. I jumped and Hannah started to laugh."You're sure watching them kiss, Cody, you were really in to it." Huh? Oh, come on, it's just a dumb old movie." Yeah but you should have seen yourself, you were really into it, them kissing. Don't tell me you've never kissed a girl, oh, Cody."Well, that pissed.

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Indian Desi X/

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