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Yea, if you have a focus, thanks. she said going and laying down. On my way to the kitchen I walked past Jackie, You should probably do something abou... that. she said referring to my cock, I just smiled at her. Once I got back to my room, I took off my boxers and went to hand Sam her drink. when she opened her eyes to grab it she was face to face with my hard cock. Jeff, I dont think Ill ever get over the size of this cock of yours. she said reaching out and grabbing it and stroking it a few. I guess he had a fight with his latest girlfriend." I guess he did. Penny is my sister's best friend."Shannon looked at me, started to say something, then didn't. "Thanks. Tom, isn't it?" I nodded. She smiled at me, turned and left the commons.I sat back down next to Tony, who'd sat still through out. I didn't blame him, he'd been in trouble a few times; the teachers were always dumping on him. "What was that all about?" Tony asked.I shrugged, "He was going with Penny, but they broke up. Flipping through more pages she found that all the pictures of her mother were in the nude. Not a stitch of clothing anywhere around, not even anything on the floor at her feet. Her mother would be in different poses, bending over and showing the cameraman her ass ("Who was taking the pictures?" she wondered. Only later did it occur to her that it had been her father. "Who else could it have been?") Several others showed her lying on the bed and spreading her legs, using her hands to hold. I saw her she came over she gave me a hug ,she nice to see you .she asked what was having ,just coffee i have car i said .we found seats away from everybody .as i drinking she said you look so sexy , i want kiss you. I said where with a smile . You know where with smile on her pretty face we just started giggling. I said Look lets go where we can be say anything we like to each other.We left when we left hand in hand . we got to my car i open the door went in we started kissing our toungs.

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Indian Bhabhi/

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