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“Well honey, I am taking my breakfast” I replied. “Are you naked as usual” he asked. “Yes honey, you wana come and make love” I said while...smiling and looking towards my BIL. He was still a little scared and I was feeling amused. “Honey go to your room and wear some thing” he said quickly. “Are we going some where?” I asked. “No honey, not you, I am going out of town for a night for an official business” he replied quickly. “But does this have something to do with me being naked” I asked. “No. Before long the trainer came in, dropped his towel and sat down. I took note of his body and remarked what a great looking guy he was. Ah, pride, what an ally when it motivates someone else.He chuckled, stood up, flexing his pecks and turned and flexed his gluts. I added that his cock was remarkable, too. He turned and put his hand under it and flopped it for me. I swooned and said I hadn't ever seen one like that; it really looked delicious. He was digging this for sure, I had wondered if he. I ALWAYS HAD A FANTASY OF FUCKING HER.THE DAY CAME………IT WAS DIWALI TIME AND MY FAMILY HAD TO FOR A JATRA(RELIGIOUS PLACE) AND I HAD MY EXAM SO COULDNOT GO,BUT THEN ALSO WAS INFORMED THAT MY AUNT WAS ALSO NOT GOIN AS SHE HAD HER PERIODS AND ITS SIN TO GO TO RELIGIOUS PLACE DURING THOSE DAYS,SO EVEN SHE DECIDED NOT TO GO.MY MOM NOW HAD TOLD MY AUNT TO COME AT MY PLACE AND LIVE THERE FOR 8 DAYS FOR MY FOOD AND OTHER UTILITIES.I WAS VERY HAPPY THAT MY AUNT WILL SLEEP NEXT TO ME AND IMAGINED FUCKING. Nitu ka ek boyfriend tha jiska naam vinod tha, nitu aur vinod ek dusre se bahut pyar karte the, nitu kuch modern khyal ki ladki hai wo pyar me sab kuch chahti thi, but vinod use body relation nahi rakhna chahta tha but nitu ki zidd per vinod ne pehli bar use kiss kiya, fir usne kuch din ke baad uske boobs suck kiye aur kuch din baad unke bich body relation kayam ho gaye. Shuru shuru me to vinod nitu se bahut jyada pyar karta tha but nitu use lekar serious nahi thi, isliye wo kabhi bhi uski koi.

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Indian Anal Sex/

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