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" My Mistress: "No, he's simply accompanying me on my vacation." Official: "Then you must deposit a bond equal to your slave's likely valueon the blac... market. We don't want vacationers bringing slaves in, sellingthem through some unlicenced dealer, and just walking away with all the profits." My Mistress: "Well, if you must ... what would my slave be worth?" Now followed yet further humiliation for me; I had to stand there, dumb andblind, while strange hands 'inspected' me! My helpless naked. She stole a glance to look at Arjun, seeing him smile and then turned his attention back to the soccer game. Halftime came and all of a sudden Nimi found herself the center of attention. Both men stood up and were on either side of her. They discussed the game, marveling at the way the tempo moved back and forth, but as they did, their hands inspected, fondled, and stroked Nimi. Jose was first interested in her hair, stroking it then pulling it. He raked his nails over her back without digging. " That is the prettiest pussy I've ever seen." You can look closer if you want."He climbed on the bed between her legs. He couldn't remember his cock feeling this hard in a long, long time. He didn't even need to take a blue pill.He gazed at her but it wasn't enough to only look."Could I touch you, Courtney?" I guess so..." she said, acting nervous."How about fifteen dollars more?" he said, thinking creatively. "Five more to touch your tits and ten more to touch your pussy." That's like forty. She had gone through a divorce due to her husband cheating on her. I needed her advice so she came over for coffee. Bonnie got her house through the divorce and had been stuck with the mortgage. She said that she found a job where she could pay the bills. I asked her if I could bring a ‘lover’ and use her guest bedroom. I didn’t want Jake to get home unexpectedly to find Ernest and me fucking. She wasn’t keen on the idea but finally agreed as long at we didn’t use her ‘motel’ too often. .

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India Sex/

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