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I wrote for that one "More, More, give me More."I felt myself losing control and my breathing was becoming labored. I knew the thing in me was in speed and I closed my eyes and savored the feelings as it took me over the top to another climax.I started to moan and moan, I could not keep quiet, this one was strong, I don't know if the pictures had anything to do with it or not but this one was really making me lose control. I grabbed my breast and worked my nipples as I sat there. . fuck yeah” Spencer exclaimed, quietly so that their mom would not hear anything from her room across the hall. His sister’s virginal pussy was opened up 3 feet away from him on his bed and he had never seen anything so sexy and erotic in his life. None of the pictures he’d looked at on friends’ computers or phones could compare to a flesh and blood naked girl sitting next to you with her legs spread wide, even if it was his own sister. Perhaps, especially because it was his own sister. He. It’s not what I had in mind for us but it’ll be an experience and I’m sure I can muster up a story from it. “Something big” you tell me regaining some confidence and I smile inwardly because I have a monster of a dildo in the bedside cabinet that now has your name on it. Now when I tell you that this is a monster of a dildo you have to understand that is! I struggle to take it in my pussy and would never take it in my arse in a million years, but as I lube it up and press it up against the. Minutes later, the police showed up and talked to the man out in the parking lot. I helped the distressed woman up and took some ice cubes out of a glass and wrapped them in a cloth napkin and she held it against her cheek. I guided her out the front door with all the spying eyes watching us.The police separated the two of us and talked with me. I told them exactly what happened and that I stopped the man from beating on the woman more than he had already done. I explained that I didn't know.

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House Wife/

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