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My husband didn't last long and was soon adding his come to yours,in my by now soaking wet pussy.I told her how much i had enjoyed fucking her and she...said that the feeling was mutual and she hadn't been able to stop thinking about it.In fact she said she had gone home for her lunch break yesterday and ended up playing with herself.She said it wasn't as good as the real thing though and wished that i had been there.I said i wished i had been to.'Why don't you meet me at lunch time today then.I. Lucia herself was a stunning woman, an olive-skinned beauty with jet-black hair that hung mid-way down her back and a stunning figure, with full, large breasts and beautiful legs. ‘Did Sandy tell you what it was I wanted this evening?’ Lucia asked, sipping her wine. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green and she made direct eye contact with Lucia, never once looking away. ‘Well, I assumed …’ Lucia smiled softly. ‘Yes, but aside from that,’ Christine replied. Lucia shook her head. ‘All right,. Missed my chance to talk before you left for home. Speaking of that I’ve been wanting to ask you about your wife. Was she...” my Uncle looked unsure how to continue his question.“Was she actually my step-sister? Yes she was. But I didn’t know that until after we got home to see our parents.” I informed him.“I was actually going to ask if she was pregnant.” asked Carson.Constance smacked him in the gut lightly, “Dad!”Elena was thrilled to see Constance. I was a little surprised. I hadn’t been. Chip looked sad and said, "Thanks one hell of a lot, Brother. Look, I'm poor! And my wife will be losing her job when our baby arrives. Then what am I going to do? How will we live? Bill, you and Kathy both have jobs, not to mention the fact that you have more money than I, anyway. Hell, that doesn't even count your military pension! You're rich! You pay." I'd love to, Chip, and I would, but your sister-in-law, Kathy, vetoed the idea. She asked me how else will you ever learn if you aren't made.

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Hot Ass/

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