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You should marry him.One day you have to marry to someone. Why you should not marry to him. Even my father called him tomorrow to visit the home. I wa... angry but I could not do anything. So next morning they came to my home with their entire family. They saw me and liked me. They are agreed. I saw the boy. He was very slim and looking weak. He does not have good physique. I made my mind that I would not marry to him. I told this to my father. My father was very angry at me. I asked for 2 years. Tall, where as I am not quite 6’ 5” tall. But he and I will be ready to meet with you in the morning, please leave before we get any further off on the wrong foot, as we both have women and brand-new babies to see this afternoon.” my Dad said.Graey Fox started to bristle up, I would say, and when his much smaller frame started to flex my Dad flexed right with him. “You really don’t want to start trying to piss on stumps around here, and before you do try, please go and get some more muscles. What did uncle Bob mean ‘I’m not here to judge’? I shook the thoughts from my head, I was probably being paranoid.I decided to take a shower. Uncle Bob had kindly left me a towel on my bed and I took that and my washbag to the bathroom.There was a tub with a showerhead on the wall and a shower curtain that ran around the tub on a metal pole. I turned on the water and closing the door went to lock it. No lock! Shit! Well I guess a guy on his own didn’t need a lock on his bathroom.Feeling the. Don asked Lisa if she wanted one and Lisa said "no thank you".Lisa was surprised about the beer, none of these boys were even seniors, Don was oldest and was only seventeen Lisa started to feel a bit uneasy.Don drove for miles along side of the lake and had two more beers before turning off of the county highway.He turned down a pair of wheel tracks leading in the direction of the lake. Lisa was becoming frightened now.This did not look like a place any of her school mates would have a party.

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