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I'll get it for you right away." Evanhad been reduced from a proud, domineering man to a timid, eager-to-please servant."Never mind Evie. I'll get i... later," Julie snapped at him. Shemaintained her angry tone, not because she was annoyed, but because ofthe results it caused in Evie."Hello Evan," Sally said. Her use of his name was deliberate. He couldanswer to it, but he could never use the name as his own again. When helooked at Sally through his tear filled eyes, she saw none of. It took years for any of them to approach any sense of normalcy again. Inari simply nodded her head and continued on with the rest of them to the station.Shazza now sat on a hospital bed, completely nude while she was being scanned by the machinery that Korsa was operating. They had migrated from the psych wing to the general treatment wing. Though Korsa was sure that Shazza was carrying no harmful pathogens of any kind, she wanted some hard data to back up her belief. There was little sense in. A couple of months back I had to go to Ahmadabad for my professional work. Whilst I was returning, my meetings with the client finished late and hence instead of Train, I had to resort to Bus option to return back to Surat.I had reached there at the bus stand at around 9.00 p.m. In the evening due to ongoing school exam season the passengers were few. I had a place in one of the sitting benches and was reading and passing time. After few moments I heard a small child playing and running here. We'd been married for a year, together for three, so I'd never experienced the World Cup during our time as a couple. I'd heard about it and knew it was a big soccer match; or football match if you lived outside the US.It was May thirtieth when he casually remarked, much as if he was discussing the weather and not his number one, recently rekindled obsession, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, the World Cup starts tomorrow."I envisioned something like the Super Bowl: two teams, one big game, it's over..

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Hindi Bf/

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