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But then the radio operator told me we had at least an hour wait.She was very kind, offering us to wait in the back room by the fire, since it was bei...g such a cold night. We found there another couple were also waiting. I sat Anita on the couch next to them and I took the only other seat, a comfortable armchair. Soon the kind girl came to indicate the other couple their cab had arrived.The warmth of the room and comfort of this armchair soon made me drop off to pass out. A while later, as I. Karin closed her eyes and signaled to me with a soft, pleasant moan that she obviously liked it very much. With gently circling movements I pampered the inside of her forearm up to the crook of her arm and reaped an even more intense moaning in return. Finally she closed her hand tightly around mine.Then Karin stood up and led me close to the now brightly blazing fireplace. "Pit, I want you to strip me completely naked right here by the fire," she whispered into my ear. Of course I didn't let. She was still turned on from taking to him about her fantasy. When she parked the car. He came out to met her. Hey he said . She said hi back. Let’s go in the room. He walked in first as she followed. She said when she got in he slammed the door hard behind her and it startled her. And she let out a gasp. Bob pinned her against the door and told her to give him a kiss. As she did he French kissed her hard on the mouth. Deep tongue. When they stopped bob took her by the hand over to the bed. Bob. Lol I thought to my self man if I got my chance i fuck her the whole night thinking to myself.LOl to myself. soon movie will end, I figure by the scene on the screen in about ten minutes. when he was done film crew /guy who controls the movie room left .It was time to clean up I Called the crew phone line told them were all set for tomorrow's pick up yard work. I would handle it. not much here anyhow in yard so I finished it. heck i have all ready been up before 8 am in the morning. Here it.

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