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She and I have been together for 3 years at this time, and she absolutely loved my fetish for feet. With this story, you'll see just how much. She was...always very fond of the idea, and she had the prettiest feet on the planet.She is 5' 4" and very attractive with 38DD breasts, red hair, brown eyes, and a very sweet sexy voice. Her feet are size 6, always painted, and always open for my enjoyment! She absolutely loves having her tiny toes sucked on!!Sarah has always been very jealous of other. You'll like it,you'll see." Sondra stood and stripped off her clothes and laid back on the sofa,placing one foot over the back, and the other far out on the floor. BothSamuel and I had a perfect view of her pink, wet pussy. Then Samuel positioned himself at her cunt and began pushing hiserection into my wife. "My god! You're so big! I can feel your thickness already, Samuel." I watched as she took him inside her pussy a little at a time. When it was all the way in,. She didn't stop, but she lowered her boobs to catch the cum as it flew frommy cock. A few moments later, I was done. Her boobs were glazed in cum.She brought her boobs up next to my face to show me, and then she slowlygathered the cum onto her fingers and inserted them into her mouth."Tastier," she said as she licked her fingers clean.=======================================================================Reality, as it actually happened:"Admiral!" I screamed.She didn't stop, but she lowered her. Without any words we broke apart and walked out of the bathroom.Reaching the bed I grabbed the blankets and threw them over toward the end of the bed. I climbed into the middle of the bed and lay on my back as I watched my wife move toward me. My wife stood next to the bed and leaning over began to softly stroke my cock.“That cock is nice and hard. It’s going to feel so good in my wet pussy.” She said with a smile on her face.I reached down with one hand, placing over her hand that was stroking.

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