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They'd vary the sequence, vary the wording, vary the intensity, but it all came down to just these things, and I gave the same answers every time. The... threatened me with Guantanamo where they've stashed all the supposed terrorists, I amused myself by asking if it was a Caribbean resort. They said I'd spend the rest of my life in prison, I told them they had to try me first and on what charges? We went up and down, round and round, and nobody got anywhere—not them and not me.I finally found out. “Oh, well, better get on with my work.” he thought wistfully.He inspected behind the next desk in a similar manner and was about to move on to the third and last one when he noticed, about a foot from the back of the computer, the network cable had been crushed. “That’s the problem,” he mused. He knew he didn’t have a replacement with him. That one was definitely longer than any of the spares he carried. He tugged at the cable on the floor and was pleased to find there was enough slack in the. Mom kept her soft hands on his lips, I could see tears in her eyes and she said please think again, you can get far better women than me, and uncle stopped her by keeping his hand on her lips and then taking Mom’s hand uncle said I have seen many far better women but no one is better than you, it’s not only your body but it’s you whom I want. Then he lifted her on his lap and started kissing her madly, it was really an erotic site to see such a huge rough Man making love to my soft and delicate. He started out just playing with my tits which got boring because h ewas doing it for so long and he saw i was bored so he kissed down my flat tan stomach and pulled my shorts down nd began to lick my slit thru the thin fabric of my thong i was enjoying daddy daughter time a little too much then anyone should. He made me cum hard when he took my thong off and started to suck on my clit while pushing three fingers deep inside my tight virgin pussy and finger fucked me fast and hard. I was on.

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Hard Rough Sex/

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