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His hand grabbed a large piece of meat off her ass while eating her. He then laid her on her back to see her satisfied face.He pushed his dick in her ...ussy and gently stroked her. Ridhima screeched. Harsh then whispered, “Happy anniversary.” This made Ridhima even more aroused. He kissed a droplet of sweat from Ridhima’s brow while gently pulling her hair with his finger.Harsh knew he would cum shortly. So he stopped stroking her for a couple of seconds. Then again, he gave a hard shot, making. My cock stood at attention. She reached for a bottle of shampoo and let it run all over her tits. She rubbed it in and her tits were shiny and smooth. She then got on her knees in front of me, grabbed my cock, and slipped it in between her massive tits. She pushed them together and began rocking back and forth. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking my own s****r’s tits! The same tits I had been fantasizing about for years! What’s more is that she would stick out her tongue and lick the tip when. We'd confirmed with Melissa, our usual sitter, that she'd be there to greet the kids off the school bus, and keep them occupied until I got home. Her presence would let me get in a full business day unless I could get off early.Midday, I got a text from Stacy: 'Arrived. Working already. Left you a surprise – enjoy to the utmost. I love you. TTYS. S.' Stacy's 'surprise' statement made me wonder, because I'd been through the house after she'd left, and hadn't seen anything unless she'd hidden. "Carrie's eyes got big and she gave a little shiver."Yes Baby, but I'll try to be good, I swear."Rocky knew that Carrie was always sexually excited when he acted particularly masculine around her, and smiled to himself. Maybe that was part of the problem before, in that he indulged her out of love, when he should have occasionally shown his love differently. Now would be a good time for a little demonstration, and she'd earned a little punishment in the last few months."Just to be sure you.

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Happy Ending/

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