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"Thanks hun, I got to run home for a bit. I'll be back. I got a gift for you upstairs." Lisa said, kissing me and then she was gone. She just left me with a rock hard cock soaked in her nectar.Suddenly I was hungry, but not for breakfast. I decided I needed a cold shower. I went upstairs and headed to me bedroom, but right before I entered my room I remembered that Lisa said that she had a gift for me upstairs. I peeked in my room but saw nothing, maybe it's in the spare room.The door was. "Oh, my," she sighed. "How do you tell them apart?"I laughed and let my left hand dangle just below her breasts. Both girls had shed the tiny piece of fabric from their upper body and their breasts did look identical. "Wanda's the aggressor, but Marsha's holding her own." It looks like Wanda can't decide which she prefers, invading Marsha's mouth or trying to swallow her breasts," Patti observed, smiling for the first time since she arrived."Does Smyth look like he's hungry?" I asked, pointing. Shaila lay back on the bed, and spread her legs wide exposing her whole crotch to me. She told me to get between her legs, but I was not to touch or do anything, until she told me what to do. She spent the next several minutes explaining every inch of her beautiful female anatomy; the treasure that lay between her wonderful legs. It’s not like I’d ever seen one before, but I was amazed at the size of her clit as she called it. After spreading her lips and pulling back the hood a little she. Main ne court main uski badchalni ki hawale se alag hone ka case ker diya is doran main lost ho chuki thi.mujhe kuch pata nahi tha main kia ker rahi hon age kiya hoga.bachoon ka kia hoga. Kuch samjh nahi arahi thi eik bar socha ki main en ghalti ki case ker ki.Mager dosere pal yehi khiyal aya ki iske siwa chara nahi court ne fasla mere hak main dia aour bachon ko bhi mere hawale ker dia. Mujeh apni kamyabi per jahan khushi thi wahan aik ajeeb se bechaini thi ki ab kiya hoga.Main ney jon shro.

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Good Looking/

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