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I just wanted to kiss her beautiful face. Instead, every time I pulled away from her, she reached a hand to the back of my head to pull me back for an...ther kiss on her lips. She seemed to want continue to lie there desecrated with my ball juice, and to use my lips to retrieve more and more of my spunk and bring it back to hers!After a long time, I spoke. "Can I get a towel to clean you up, Sushma?" She smiled at me, but she didn't say anything for the longest time. I smiled back, and I have to. Her little fingers were gently running around her sweet labia minora as well as flicking her clitoris on each revolution. Her legs were wide apart, her eyes were closed and soft cooing noises came from her lips as her body got ready to receive the wave of pleasure building up in her loins.When Janine did orgasm it was at the same time as Principal Burns. A squeal of pleasure burst from her lips just as she opened her eyes to see the Principal’s huge penis spurt several times into the air. His. And by no one, I mean me, of course. Then I’ll take off early and we can get some rest for tomorrow. We already have some great shots for the project, so the pressure is off. Though there’s still one more I want to try tomorrow. But don’t worry, it’ll be easier than today’s!”I laughed and patted her leg. “Heather, you’re amazing. And that sounds like a great plan!”She smiled so sweetly at me just for a moment, before returning her gaze to the road. I took a deep breath and sank into the seat a. I was so worked up and needed to cum. She always had done this in our relationship. She had teased me relentlessly and thought it was hilarious. As she walked down the hall towards the shower her long jet black straight hair covered her tight firm round ass. I hatched a plan. She needed to be taught a lesson for teasing me.She liked role playing games but would not be ready for this one! She said I could teach her a lesson however I wanted.I really wanted to get the message across that going.

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Good Desi/

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