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A lot of unanswered questions were ruling my mind for a while.I went back to my pg, after a week or so I got a call from an unknown no. I just picked ...t up and said hello? Who is this?She is asked, “is this Pratham?”And I said yes it is!And she introduced herself as Rachana that she is the same lady who took my no. A week before in park and I was like something will definitely going to happen nowShe – is this the right time to talk to you??Me:- yes you can?She: – look Pratham I don’t want to. " I am relieved as we freshen ourmakeup to look our very best when we walk out with these two hunks onour arms, viewed by the rest of the crowd who cannot help but admire.I am pleased with how the men chose to pair up with us, and I hope youare, too. Thomas takes you into his bedroom, and he is the more forcefulof the two. Through the walls, I can hear him take you quickly and abitroughly. But I smile inside as I hear your whimpers, mewls, moans andscreams of pleasure.Meanwhile, my Rob is. Thabi muje Achanak yaad aaya ke who car to MAHESH ke papa ki hai. Or maan me hulchul much gayi KI POONAM us car me kya kar rahi thi .Car andar chali gayi. me bhi andar chala gaya tab tak car me se who log under chale gaye the. mere pas bhi MAHESH ke farm house ki chabhi thi or me har ek darvaja or khidki se wakef tha to me bhi dusri chabi se andar chala gya. wha par pehle hall me koi nahi tha andar bed room se kisi ki Aawaz sunai de rahi thi to mene dusre kamre me ja kar ke TV on kar diya or. I smiled at them. I felt embarrassed and at the same time this incredible sense of pride for having fucked a girl in the men’s bathroom. I know that sounds impossible but I had a strong sense of both emotions as we walked out and waited for Hayden.Hayden and Victoria were not waiting for us outside. I sent Waverly into the women’s bathroom to look for her sister and report back. She came out shortly afterward and said they weren’t there. Waverly wasn’t concerned though. She looked very happy.

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For Her/

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