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I said, "That's very good. That will feel VERY nice when it's 'way up inside me, Sissy." Then I went to the couch and straddled the guy, facing outwar... so that Sissy could see my pussy and the big dick, jutting out towards him. "Thank you for sucking on him and getting his dick big and hard for me. You're going to make a very helpful cuckold, Sissy Hubby. Now, I want you to take his dick in one hand and spread my pussy lips with the other, and guide his huge cock into me. I want YOU to put his. "I understand if you want to put all of this off fornow I understand and I am sure Nancy will too." First off Mom you make it sound like I don't want to move out here andstart all over, nothing could be further from the truth," I said. "I amlooking forward to moving out here, living with you, even selling tackysouvenirs and crap to the tourist working for Nancy. I guess I got allcaught up in myself I forgot the promises I made." So, I go back to my original question that started all of this,". When she touched my ass, my dick jerked up. I had never felt so hard before. "I think I need to cum mom," I said, a little desperately, but trying to sound as cool as possible."Turn around again."I faced her again, my dick pointing directly at her face again. I was rock hard."Good, we won't waste much time then, as you are so ready," she said.She grabbed the semen beaker from the washbasin where she had placed it, and said, "This time, I'm going to wank your cock towards me."As I stood in the. .." Cassie moaned. "J-Jason, he's not here yet ... m-maybe he... uhhh!"Jason could not respond, as he had already clamped his lips around Cassie's nipple and sucked it hard into his mouth. Cassie tried to speak again, but her words dissolved into a long, low cry as Ned slid inside her.For that moment, nothing else mattered to her. The realization suddenly hit her that she had been penetrated, that a boy's cock was inside her pussy. At first she thought she might scream. Only the spell-induced.

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Foot Worship/

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