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Boom. I'm fully erect. She starts moaning around my cock. I smack her on the ass. She moans louder. So I smack her on the ass again. She pulls her mou...h off my cock and strokes the shaft harder and faster. She looks me in the eyes and starts talking dirty. "Ohh, I love sucking your cock," she says. And goes back to licking and sucking. She deepthroats my dick and gags herself on it a few times. She comes up for air and tells me, "I love your cock. It's so big." She goes back and forth from. ” Justine flicked my skirt up and pushed the tip of her cock into the centre of my blue-knicker-clad bottom. She accurately speared right against my arsehole, which caused a wave of panic to flood up my spine… and a flood a viscous cock-glue to leak into the blue knickers. That desperately-stretched cotton which had protected Justine’s pussy during Physical Ed was now the only thing protecting my anal innocence. “Take ‘em off,” Justine snarled. “And you’d better be all nice and smooth. ....By the time I headed back upstairs, the lasagna was all prepared, it just needed to be put in the oven. I decided to take a shower before I put it in. I went into my bedroom, grabbed my outfit for tonight (a loose purple silk camisole that I wasn't planning on wearing a bra with and a black pleated skirt that reached the middle of my thigh), and went into the door in my room that opened up to the conjoined bathroom that Matt and I shared. I went to the door on his side and opened it without. That’s the way some of those cuckold relationships begin. The husband might start reading porn and have a bisexual relationship with another guy, which leads to reading about the cuckold lifestyle. Then he gets his wife interested in reading cuckold stories. Did she ask you anything about me?”It was funny how Mark mentioned the way some men get their wives involved in a cuckolding situation, and at the same time asked if Megan asked anything about him. He was so open about it and not even.

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