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. There is a tremendou suctionon both high heels as i lift them up and down in the mud....sinking abit deeper with each set of steps. "You see Joann ...he pit is shallow atthis end, for ruining her shoes and deeper in the back for totalpunishments...the whole thing is about 6' square and michelle lovesbeing in it dont you my sissy maid".The mud now stains my stocking clad calves and has turned my shoes intotwo giant brown blobs of heavy mud. "Michelle step out of the mud andstand before us on. With that we got dressed and left the Y, he waited for me at the exit of the parking lot in his car and I followed him to his house about 5 min away. I was glad it was so close because I was literally dripping Previn thinking about sucking this older mans cock. When we got to his house he walked me inside and upstairs to a room that had the door shut. When he opened up the door I couldn’t believe what I saw, his own pleasure room with a sling and all. He asked me what I wanted to do and told. Sweat was pouring off her body. Then all of a sudden, like a giant wave crashing against a cliff, the orgasm hit her."AAArrrgh, ffaaaack!!!"Liquid spurted from her vagina as she came, soaking her left hand and drenching her bikini bottom. All the muscles in her body stretched hard as wave after wave of orgasm wracked through her body. Never had she had such an intensive orgasm from masturbation. Was it because she knew her son was watching her that made it so intense? She didn't care. As she. He found the moist folds of her slit, and he lightly ran a finger up them. His middle finger tickled her clit, sending bolts of pleasure up her body. “Mmmm…” she purred. She could feel her pussy flooding, and she parted her legs a little more. Ryan squeezed a leg in between hers, and climbed on top of her. Charmaine opened her legs wide, accommodating him. Her breathing deepened, and she slid her feet up the bed, giving herself to him. He held himself up on his arms, looking down on her. She.

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Fat Ass/

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