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Everyday she drinks a big bottle of the cheapest vodka they have."Sixty," came the matter-of-factual reply. "Each," she added not giving him a chance ...o ask."That's too much, Senora. How much for all three of us?" For which one?" He paused and looked us both over before speaking in Spanish to the other two men with him. I could tell momma was getting nervous about possibly losing a "sale" and spoke up. "This one's got nice tits," she said pushing Vicky forwards towards the men.It was bad enough. I saw she gave me a 1950's retro bra, the cups are so pointed. I lovedit. She saw my excitement on my face as she slipped in my inserts to fillthe cups. Wow, this really feels good I said."Holly bend over and let your inserts fall into your bra cups. You needto fill out your cups better, dear. There that is better, very nice. Sucha pretty figure Holly!"Cathy looked at me saying, "Holly do you like your new figure? Such apretty bustline you have now. Maybe I will have you wear your pretty braand. Tami and I are close. She tells me everything, so as their relationship developed, I heard more and more about how good he was in bed. I’ve never really settled down with anyone. I prefer to have my fun with guys, and then move on to the next one. But Steve has always been a fantasy of mine. Especially after Tami told me that she wasn’t having sex with him anymore. My sister explained that it had something to do with having kids, and that sex was painful for her. I really didn’t care about. What is more, his tool would go deeper each time. Just as I thought that I could take it, he would give me a more vigorous thrust ruining my once-tight asshole."Shake your ass, bitch!" Chris ordered me, squeezing my cheeks and pounding my butt mercilessly.I obeyed pushing backwards and feeling his balls punching against my ass. I couldn't believe that another man had pierced my virgin asshole with his monstrous rod. The least I could do now was to beg him not to cum inside me. I hoped that he.

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Desi Village Sex/

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