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I did little more than slide fingers over her flesh once or twice, before I curled fingers and pushed one from each hand into their respective locatio..., nearly lifting her off of the ground! She in a sharp breath and only barely kept from crying out as the middle finger on my left hand buried itself completely in her pussy while the index finger of my right hand pushed its way into her up to the first knuckle. It is one of the most heady feeling in the world to feel another body shuddering and. I opened my eyes and immediately closed the curtains. I sat up in the bed and even though there wasn't any lights on I could see from the sun leaking around the closed curtains. I looked on my wife's side of the bed and she wasn't there. I looked over to Tim's bed but I couldn't tell who was in it. I got up and headed toward the bathroom very quietly. At the foot of his bed I could tell my wife and Tim where both in the bed together. I took a piss and went out on the deck. As I was rubbing my. In ‘Virginity Lost’ I told the true story of how I had my virginity taken aged 16 by one of my school teachers. In ‘Sisters’ I told how the same teacher had a threesome with me along with her younger sister. This experience really set me on a course sexually for the rest of my life. I now jump almost 8 years to when I was a newly qualified junior doctor working horrendous shifts in a busy city centre hospital, constantly in fear that something I did or did not do would kill someone. I was not. This had become a typical night for me over the last two months, at least 3 or 4 nights out of the week, and usually on the weekends, when more people came out to party and get high. In the last two weeks alone, I had probably been with over 200 men, all of them using me as their sperm deposit slut. My cunt couldn’t take the pounding it once had, when I was younger and doing the same thing. My vagina wasn’t returning to it’s normal shape or size as it once did. My labia had stretched and grown.

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Desi Sex Video/

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