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No one can ever get enough.” “What does that mean?” Jeremy asked her. “Honey,” Karla replied soothingly, “All of us want to try something ...ew and different. It took me a while to recognize that. Now that I know it, though, I’m having a delightful time. Don’t you want to have a delightful time?” “I don’t understand,” he answered. Karla lay how her fork and placed her right hand on top of Jeremy’s left hand, gripping it tightly. “Do you think I’m repulsive?” “Of course not!” Jeremy reacted. Was all the warning I gave her just before my balls burst open and a river of seamen shot from my dick straight into Cindys loving throat. My leg shook from the intensity of my orgasm. I held her head there as the last few drops of spunk dripped out of me. When I released her she slowly let my dick fall out of her mouth. I was surprised she was able to swallow so much of my cum without spilling any. When she stood up she took a moment to compose herself and then she started to take off her. I was imagining how great it would be if someone was fucking her from behind right now! This was just too much for me and I came right inside her mouth. She didn’t even took my cock out of her mouth she swallowed it all n kept on sucking. My cock was again hard in no time. She looked happy that my cock was still hard.I pulled her up to me by her hair and laid her under me. I took her panty off her legs spread it wider. I made her legs rest on my shoulder as I went near her pussy. Wow! What a. And he came in, smiling, and left the door open and she saw him urinating.That's when she went mad. What a beautiful cock had Cristovão. When he left the bathroom, she asked,"You did it on purpose, did not you?" I love insightful women, who see the reason for my actions-yes, it was on purpose, because I noticed how you kept looking at me. I thought I deserved to see everything. Can I ask if you like it?"I like it, but I'm never content to look. Why do not you come over here tomorrow? Caesar's.

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