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They both would pay.The solution presented itself a few days later. Mary had gone to the shopping mall for some new shoes – at least that's what she...told me. On the counter sat Mary's laptop. If I could hack into their company's system, maybe I could find a way to make them suffer.I am a computer security expert so I figured it would not be too difficult to hack their system. I booted her computer up, linked to her work system, and waited for the password prompt. Knowing Mary, her password. We’re replacing them.”Oliver chuckled. “That’s incredible! Man, I never thought a fashion show would be so action-packed. We’re missing everything back here, Hunter.”Hunter looked up at his brother and just shrugged before returning his attention to the game he was playing.“I feel kinda bad inviting you back here now,” Elsie said.Oliver brightened up, “No, it’s cool. It’s worth it to hang out with you, Zoey. And Briley, too, of course.”Elsie smiled warmly, but it morphed into a mischievous grin. "Yup," said Eric, his heart pounding. Until this week, he'd all but given up on his dream of working in the robotics field."Seems to me that, since Ari needs some robotic vacuum cleaners, and Bill wants to automate the mansion, this is your chance."Eric and Bill got up from the table and headed toward the study, where the only computer in the house was."Ken," asked Bill over his shoulder, "do you mind if I use your computer to jump online?" Go for it," he said.Genie started to get up to go with. He realised that although from the rear she looked like a young woman, her beautiful heart shaped face belonged to a mature worldly-wise woman. Her eyes were a stunning deep blue and they focused on john as he stood by the gate. ‘Hello Dor, lovely to see you, who is this fine young man?’ she asked smiling at John. ‘This is my son John, John this is your Auntie Mabel’. Introduced his mum. ‘For heaven’s sake Dor. You make me feel old, Auntie indeed, ‘just call me May, John’ she replied shaking.

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Desi Girl/

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