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Her lips turned pouty, "So do you like them?" Still not knowing what to say, so I just stood there. She took a step towards me, forcefully grabbed my ...ands and put them on her chest and said, "How do they feel?" I finally started getting my voice back and said stupidly, "They feel soft." She rolled her eyes at me and said, "Well, at least the little head is giving me the reaction I wanted."I looked down and noticed the tent protruding from my pants. I started to apologize, but she cut me off. It was stoop labor for sure and mindless after one caught on to the drill. I soon got the rhythm down and started to look around while working…WOW! Mom did not have on a bra! I watched her modest breasts swing and sway with her every movement! She wore an A-cup bra, but they seemed bigger when unfettered. She never caught me looking as I tried different angles to maximize the view. I even caught a glimpse of nipples too…surprisingly reddish-pink about ½ inch long by ½ inch around. The music was intense, so any communication had to be at the top of their voices. "Not filling up too fast," he said to her, swallowing because of the incredible way she was looking that night - tight, skimpy clothes, perfect make-up - Deaken was such a lucky man."It won't really start filling until at least ten," she said, "a lot of people know the main DJ only gets on at eleven. Don't worry - it'll be heaving in no time!"And it was. Heather disappeared off to do whatever it was she was doing. If you are very niceto me, I just may give it to you. Or, I could just toss it into thetrash with the rest of the garbage. What do you think?"What did he think? Well, an hour later, after he had cleaned the hotelroom to her liking, given her a foot massage and given her two orgasms byvirtue of her little vibrator and his tongue he was allowed to touch uphis makeup, put the panties back in his mouth, stumble down the stairsand finally open the envelope she handed him and read the note.

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