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He: Agar sahi me chudwana chahte ho apni wife to uska photo send karo.Me: lekin iski kya guarantee hai ke tum ye photo kisi se share nahi karoge.He: m...ine ye kaam pehle bhi kiya hai, aap akele nahi ho ye karne wale, mai apni photo send karta huu, or agar chudwana hai to mujh par believe karna padega.Usne apni photo send kari usse pata chal raha tha ye koi 40-42 saal kaa aadmi thi ek dum ruff tuff gaanv wala lag raha tha jo jaipur me aake rehne lag gaya tha. usne bataya uska lund bhi 6 inch kaa. Remember you are an old man,” she said.“I finished her thought, “With nothing much to lose.”“Hell no, but I sure as hell have a lot to lose,” she replied while sniffling.“Okay, see you in a couple of weeks, if not before.” I said and quickly killed the connection.I drank a lot of coffee while I waited for both or either of the others to arrive. About half past eleven I got a call from Gray. The short version of it was, he was going to meet me in Richmond. The plan was I would call his open. Why don’t you hop in back. I’ll come open it for you.”“Okay, yeah!” She said,He got out of the driver seat pulling a key, he crawled in back. He unlocked the back doors letting her in. He slammed the doors shut. Relocking them. She set down her purse and backpack unzipping the bag.She turned around to see the ‘man’ only a foot away from her. Looking down at her.“Now, why is a pretty little thing way out here, all alone?”Kelly suddenly began to feel unsafe as the man got down on his knee. It. Michelle was simply voluptuous. Her natural breasts hung down erotically and looked so suckable. Her curvy hips were attached to a narrow waist, and her stomach led down to a small patch of pubic hair just above her pussy. They both looked simply irresistible.The ladies must have detected my shock, and Paula said, "We discussed doing this for you the past few days, as we wanted to reward you for the wonderful comments and attention you paid to us." "Sit back and enjoy the show," Michelle.

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Cum In Mouth/

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