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.. ?”“Yes, remember it well. Go on,”“Any decisions yet?”“Oh yes, I’ll do it, small fee, just for you madam. Just joking.”“Excellent ...erek. Come up to the house, have a coffee and we can talk details. Tomorrow at nine?”After agreeing and consolidating the whereabouts of ‘the house’ which I knew plus the coded tradesmen’s entrance she rang off a little abruptly. I didn’t need payment knowing I would be entertained royally, if you get my drift and two hours out of my day, one a month? ... well!She. She nibbled on my earlobe and panted into my ear. “I have been around the world, looking for the best cock. You aren’t the biggest, but no one has made me cum like you. I don’t know what you do with that tool between your legs, Ty, but I need it in me.” With that, she grabbed my shaft, and guided into her silky sheath. She began to sit up, impaling herself onto my cock, bouncing up and down voraciously. Gabby had started to strip, and was now bare-assed naked. She walked over to me and planted. I thought I'd do something different and dive into their heads a little, letting you see what they think of each other, what drives their lust, be it tenderness or raw, unfiltered horniness. When writing their adventures, I've thought of Carrie as being a completely desperate nympho who's lust drives her to look to her own son and daughter for satisfaction. She stops at nothing to cum and opens herself up in all ways to make sure she and they get what they want. She's controlled by her pussy,. I ask Lisa go where? She says Sabrina and I are taking you to a new Club I said I dont know and Sabrina and Lisa both say you look so Hot and Sluty no one is gonna know your not a girl but a Sissy Slut both giggle Lisa hugs me and says everything will be fine and Remember we still have another surprise for you Baby.We Finish and get up to go get in the car and we get there and I am nervous Sabrina feel's this and says dont worry Baby you look Great you will have a Great time, We walk in and the.

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College Girl/

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