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He truly had turned my warm cocksucker mouth into his pussy and me into his helpless whore.Again he pulls out, leaving me gasping for air again, cover...d in my own saliva. I loved being used. I had never so turned on in my whole life. My cock throbbed like crazy."You want my dick in your ass cock slave?" he asked."Yes!" I said without thinking. I didn't care how I got his cock just as long as I got it. He could've have done anything to me at that point and I wouldn't have cared."Get on all fours. He rubbed the hump in his pants. Before i could think it, his pants were down and his big black dick was in my face. "Suck it" he said. I opened my mouth, and he plunged forward filling my mouth with his thick manhood. I pulled away and wet my lips to make the next entrance easier. and it was easier, smoother, and went further into my mouth. I felt his knife cut the straps on my tank top, and he reached down and grabbed my left breast. He said, "im gonna put this knife away so i can have some. They will turn into an actual (sterile) Stage 3 female with a pussy and everything after about a year. They will also have all the benefits of being a Stage 3 female including the stop on their aging and they will lose the traits of being a Stage 3 Male and below. They will NOT be able to advance to Stage 4. This is where men stop.Stage 4 - Deliberate Sex. This one should've been obvious but for a lot of women in the early days, this is where the stages stop. The women you have sex with will be. Fuck my ass.. give me that gay cock..." I took my dick and i went ahead and slid it inside his tight ass, letting out a loud moan as i felt his tight ass around my hard raw cock. Pre cum leaking inside of him as i started thrusting. "Fuck that feels so good... you look so good.." i said as he stared at me the whole time. I went ahead and grabbed him by his arms as i started to thrust deeper and deeper into him. "You like this gay cock? is this a gay cock?" i asked him as he smiled, "Yes...." I.

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Clothed Sex/

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