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As for the bargee, give him a promissory note and tell him to return tomorrow and see the Regimental Paymaster."Armityge was so much more than a surge...n, and I thanked him for his advice."I can see that you are nearly out on your feet Captain. I suggest you go to the Red Lion, which is the best of the local hostelries, and get something to eat, have a nap, and then write up a report of the night's events." He gave me a slight bow, and took the wounded man off to his surgery.I did as he had. Damn ... too bad we did not find out until now how much of a slut you are, think of all the fun we missed” he said, sawing his cock in and out of her mouth, watching as she busied herself on his shaft while simultaneously letting the dog lick between her eagerly spread thighs. “Besides, Max said something about you only getting to pee with a cock or pussy in your mouth, I bet you need to go. See if you can get done before I cum all over your face, hmm?” he groaned, feeling the cum boiling up in. One finger quickly becomes two before he pushes in a third. My pussy is hugging his fingers but he drills them into me, as he knows how much I love it. I spread my legs wider and rise up onto my hands in doggy rather than face down, ass up and groan. “Finger fuck me Buffy!” Ethan complies instantly. One hand grips my hip while he fills my pussy with his three fingers again and begins to hammer them into me. I love his rougher handling as his arm pumps his hand against my mound. His palm slaps. Put it back. Now.? The mean edge in his voice made Cody head back to the kitchen, wondering whatthe fuck he'd gotten himself into this time. Trent watched him go, his eyes fastened to Cody's round little ass. When Codycame back, Trent said, ?Take off my boots.? The boy knelt on the soft, thick rug in front of the table and started unlacingthe big work boots. Trent popped the top of his beer, and took a long swallow. ?Tell me about yourself kid,? he said, looking at Cody in the firelight..

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Big Hairy Ass/

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